T-Shirt Business

Learn how to find your nieche and your target audience. Design your products and start building a strong brand.



1 week T-Shirt Business Glyph

T-Shirt Business

Design and sell merch online

Learn T-Shirt design Facebook Ads
Goal $100


Welcome to the T-Shirt Business project, where you’ll learn building an online business from scratch. We’ve interviewed the best in the field to bring you scam-free best-in-class projects instructions. Everything we’ll do is a massive experiment, wether you’ll end up selling just a few T-Shirts or start your fashion business afterwards.

Making money for a living is nice and yet there has to be more. One of the core goals of Indie Academy is to constantly keep learning new things to a level of mastery. While learning itself is honorable its also the new procrastination, everyone wants to learn everyone and there is so much more to learn. Thats why we’ll build to learn and don’t learn to build.

Topics you’ll learn in this course include:

Find your audience